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#1219764 [★] 2OD's Anniversary: Citizen of the Day Contest!

Posted sashssi on 16 March 2014 - 11:32 AM

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This year 2ONEDAY.com is celebrating its 6th year. We could not have gotten this far without all of you, our amazing members ^^ So... to celebrate, we are holding a giveaway contest!

Each day, starting from March 19 - 24, we are going to pick two lucky winners who will receive prizes, provided by 2OD. So in total, there will be twelve winners~ Here are the prizes you can win by being 2OD's Citizen of the Day: Ooh~ I want prizes! How do I win? Simple! Be an active member by commenting on as many threads as possible in the forum. Everyday, we will be monitoring the 2AM & 2PM Newspapers as well as the Chatroom to find two best commenters that will be named the Citizens of the Day. Prizes will be given randomly to the winners ^^

So all I have to do is post something? Not so fast! In order for your comment to qualify for the contest, it's going to have to follow the guidelines, which are:
  • Has a minimum of 30-words.
  • Should be related to the topic and have substance. Posts like, "WOW SO HANDSOME!" doesn't qualify! Share your thoughts and your opinion on the matter and discuss with other members ^^
  • Copy-pasting other members' comment will cause immediate disqualification. Copy-pasting your own comments on multiple threads will cause immediate disqualification as well.
  • Must follow the general forum rules.
Easy enough, right? So get yourself ready and start practicing those commenting skills. The more you comment, the higher the chance you'll have on winning! ^_^

Good luck!

#1207236 [UPDATE #005] Happy 5th Anniversary, 2OD!

Posted roMANtaec on 25 March 2013 - 12:48 PM

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Today of all days is the day that 2ONEDAY.com turns 5 years old. Today of all days is the day that 2PM's road to the long-awaited Korean comeback also begins.  Perhaps it's a sign of good things to come? I sure do hope so! ^^  

2 years ago on this very day in 2011, the current admin team officially took over 2ONEDAY.com, turning a new page for 2OD and leading this community into a new and positive direction.  Every single day since then has been a struggle, but our love for 2AM, 2PM, I AMs, and Hottests fills us with strength and enthusiasm to continue doing what we do~!

As our motto states, Pertinacia Fortis Defendit: determination protects the strong ones!  And determined we have been, to continue to provide updates, english subs, and dynamic projects for I AM and Hottest around the globe.  We're far from perfect, but just like our boys, we're always striving to improve every single day!

On behalf of the 2OD Family, I'm proud to present to you our new layout: The Commonwealth of 2OD, our very first layout since 2011, developed by the L2AD design & tech family: Aliaa (Kuronology) and Beth (namiko), with input from the entire 2OD Family.  The Commonwealth of 2OD is fitting to our community, as we contain 2 Republics that form one huge, amazing community!  Our new layout will go live tomorrow, we'll tweet you when it's ready! ^^

It's been 5 short years since 2AM and 2PM debuted! They've developed into such amazing world class artists that absolutely take our breaths away!  The road has been tough, but it has made them...it has made us... who we are today.  Through thick and thin, for better or for worse, the 2OD Family will always be with 2AM, 2PM, I AMs and Hottests.  

Thank you to our hardworking, squishy, lovely and amazing 2OD Family, without your love and support throughout the past 2 years, we wouldn't be here celebrating today! Major shoutouts to our translator and TIME2SUB teams who's efforts have completely revived our community and to all of our staff that have run projects in their countries to support the boys on tour! I've seen each person on this team grow in some way, shape or form throughout their time of service to the fandom and I'm so proud to work with each of you everyday.  Thank you is never enough to say thank you to you, 2OD Family. I mean that from the bottom of my heart!  

Thank you to all of our #IAMproud, #1Hottestfor2PM, and STLT2S fanclubs from around the world! We've had some crazy and ambitious projects over the past 2 years and we know that they weren't perfect, but we're so proud that working together with you, we could attempt to do some ambitious things for our fandom! Let's continue working together to get bigger, better, and stronger! We love you and respect you all more than you'll ever know! ^^;

Thank you to our beloved 2OD members for your love and support throughout the years!  All the I AM & Hottest in the world, let's continue running together with love in our hearts, joy in our souls, and determination on the brain~~!  Aja aja fighting!!!!

2OD Admin

#1220119 [UPDATE #006] Happy 6th Anniversary, 2OD!

Posted roMANtaec on 24 March 2014 - 05:28 PM

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Happy 6th Anniversary, 2OD!

Today is our 6th anniversary!  What first started out as the overly active Soompi Thread for the "Hot Blooded Boys" while Hot Blood was airing on MNET, completely evolved into the longest running fan community for 2AM and 2PM (in the world~ Korea included =b)!  

This year, we've really come together as a strong and unbreakable 2OD Family, full of passion to spread 2AM & 2PM love to every corner of the world.  With brand new additions to the admin team:  histowy__, Lemonsherbet, x_Tiffany_x, Sashssi (+ older admins Jaeners, Chanbites + me!), our brand new Prefect Team (aka moderators), and the rebuilt 2AM Media Team, we're bigger and better than ever! ;D  Now that the 2OD Family has firm roots replanted into the ground, as we enter our 6th year, it is time to turn 2OD back to you~ the fandom and the members!  We know that you are engaging with the content posted on the forum, but it still remains fairly quiet around these "halls" that were built with you in mind.  We hope to see many of you coming back to share your thoughts, fanaccounts, ideas, projects and questions!  This is a place to connect with I AM & Hottest from around the world~ make it your home and fill it with love! :)

To our 2OD Family, ON♥ is oh so real, ya'll!  Thank you for dedicating so much time, heart and soul into the fandom!  I wish I could name all of you in this post, but just know that we are honored to be taking this journey with you!  Let's keep working hard~ the sleepless nights, the stress we put our computers through, and most importantly, the friendships we've built that parallel that of One Day themselves!!  ON♥ forever, my friends~~!

To our I AM & HOTTEST, we thank you for your continuous support!  We know we're not perfect, but everything we do, we do it for you!  We are so proud of the world class fandom that you have grown into!  We hope to share more of your achievements, your projects and your ideas this year!  Let's work together to continue building a fandom that 2AM & 2PM can always rely on and be proud of!

To our perfect 10: Jo Kwon, Changmin, Seulong, Jinwoon, Jun. K, Nichkhun, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho and Chansung - from the very beginning to the very end, 2OD will be beside you every step of the way!  We wear the names I AM & HOTTEST on our sleeves proudly because of the admirable men you are.  The love you share with us has built a strong and unique bond within fandom that is able to knock down all barriers, be it geography, language, or length of time as a fan.  You inspire us to be ambitious, humble, compassionate and all around World Class!  Love is not enough to express how much we care about you.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything!  

The road to present day 2OD has been long and rough at times, but no matter what, we continue running alongside 2AM, 2PM, I AM and Hottest and are committed to growing old together until the very end!  Here's to making our 6th year the best year to date! LET'S KEEP GOING!!!!

Much love,
2OD Admin


This week, we'll be celebrating our birthday with a ton of gifts for you!  The Prefect Team has been awarding 2 awesome members with the title of "2OD Citizen of the Day" everyday for the past week!  In addition, our various sub-teams will be contributing a "gift" to the fandom for the next week! We won't reveal what's in store, but we do recommend that you get your post count up to 50+ (so you can download TIME2SUB's projects this week~) and stay tuned for our daily releases!!

#1219941 [L2AD Special] 2OD 6th Anniversary Wallpaper Pack

Posted kuronology on 24 March 2014 - 01:29 AM

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Celebrate 6 years with 2ONEDAY! Here's something that we'd like to share with you guys: wallpaper packs ^o^~

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1280x800 | 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 | 2560x1600

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1280x800 | 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 | 2560x1600

Watch this space since we'll release more fun downloadable content for you guys soon!

**NOTE**: These designs may be used for personal use only!!

Designs may not be reproduced or used for other purposes without the written permission of 2ONEDAY.COM.

#1215082 [#2PMAnniver5ary] Happy Birthday "Beastly Idol" 2PM - Shining In The...

Posted 2ST09 on 05 September 2013 - 09:51 PM

As we all know that Sep 4th is a very important day to 2PM & HOTTEST. This year, we - Vietnamese Hottest, members of 2pmhottest.com - decided to give 2PM a special gift. With this gift, we hope 2PM will know that in this small country there’s a lot of people who are passionate for 6 beastly idols from Korean.

For this project, we have total 7 stars for 2PM and its members. The biggest star is for the whole group named 2PM which belongs to Orion – the most impressive constellation in the sky beyond any doubt. (Remember the song Wooyoung took it as his solo in 6 Beautiful Days concert in Budokan? ^^~) For the members, we named 6 more stars in the Virgo. Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac and the second largest constellation. Furthermore, the reason we chose Virgo is that the anniversary of 2PM on Sep 4th is in the period of Virgo. The idea for this choice is Despite of their various birthday, from Sep 4th 2008, they were all reborn as one piece.Here is the pictures our gift.

Posted Image

The "2PM" star - one of Orion constellations

Posted Image

"Panda Minjun" star - One of Virgo constellations

Posted Image

"Thai Prince Nichkhun" star - One of Virgo constellations

Posted Image

"Okcat Taecyeon" star - One of Virgo constellations

Posted Image

"The Man Wooyoung" star - One of Virgo constellations

Posted Image

"Emperor Junho" star - One of Virgo constellations

Posted Image

"Simpsons Chansung" star - One of Virgo constellations

Addition to these certifications, we also prepare a small photobook which includes handmade art works and love messages by Vietnamese Hottest. This aside project has gained attention of many Vietnamese Hottest not only from our forum but also from free member on FB & TT etc.

Through this project, we have a feeling like all V-HOTTESTs become one just for our boys.We hope 2PM will stay strong no matter what, and their career will be going high like those stars in the sky.


#1215105 [#2PMAnniver5ary] "Youth Education Charity" by Indonesian Hottest

Posted mybuckyboo on 06 September 2013 - 11:19 AM

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Hello, happy 2PM 5th Anniversary to all Hottest around the world.. ^^

Let us introduce ourselves first, we are Indonesian Hottest Union. We're focusing on organizing special projects for 2PM in the name of all Indonesian Hottest.

We have done many projects like charity projects, 2PM comeback support, and more. previously, we also participated in the Rice Wreath Project for 2PM WTII Seoul Grand Finale

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This time to celebrate 2PM's 5th Anniversary, we organized another charity event called, "Youth Education Charity". We're hoping that Indonesian Hottest can not only show support for 2PM with fangirling, but also doing good things in the name of 2PM & Hottest. In this project we aimed to help foster teenagers to finish their Senior High School education, so they can get their diploma. In this project we chose SEBILAH (sebilah.com) organization to deliver our help. SEBILAH is a non profitable organization that helps foster children in education.

Posted Image

For the fundraising, we sold our self-designed t-shirt with catchy words that reminds you of 2PM members and also 2PM. All the profit from the t-shirt sales were donated to 'Youth Education Charity' event. The idea is that buying fangoods also can be more meaningful, as you can wear a t-shirt as a 2PM fan and the profits will be donated to help needy children. Thankfully, we received a warm response from Indonesian Hottest and also International Hottest.  We successfully managed to raise funds and the amount was beyond our expectation.

Posted Image

The Youth Charity Project event was held on 3rd September 2013. Our project coordinators, along with SEBILAH went to Muhammadiyah Pakem Senior High School in Jogjakarta. we formally gave our school funds support and stationary packages to the students. The school principles and the students were so happy to welcome us and were thankful for our help.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Lastly, we would like to say thank you to all Hottest who supported our project.

In the future we hope we can organize more special projects for 2PM with Indonesian Hottest in particular and International Hottest in general.  Let's do more meaningful projects in the future and make 2PM proud! =]

The offical press release from SEBILAH


Indonesian Hottest Union together with SEBILAH provide educational assistance to students of SMA Muhammadiyah Pakem Yogyakarta

Indonesian Hottest Union together with SEBILAH provide educational support for students of Muhammadiyah Pakem Senior High School on Tuesday, September 3, 2013. In their visit, The Indonesian Hottest Union in cooperation with SEBILAH, providing cash assistance worth 5,555,500.00 IDR and stationery packages for the students. Tuition assistance was received by Mrs. Widaryati, and Mrs. Dra. Hj. Siwi Indarwati as principal Muhammadiyah Pakem Senior High School. The school received stationery equipment symbolically by 23 students.

Indonesian Hottest Union is a community of fans of South Korean boy band , 2PM, which committed to going beyond fangirling activities , but also social activities that benefit others. Spoken by Dara, one of the project coordinators of Indonesian Hottest Union , ” This activity is carried out in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of 2PM . As for the educational assistance benefits derived from the sale of their fangood which is donated through SEBILAH. Aside with SEBILAH, Indonesian Hottest Union also has routinely donated food to a number of orphanages, so they are keen to expand their experience in charty, so for this event they decided to hold a charity especially in education . Furthermore, Dara also said that the reason for Youth Education Charity really suit with segment of 2PM Fans in Indonesia, They loved by high school teenagers as their majority fans.  

Separately, Alvin, one of the initiators of SEBILAH saying thank you for your support to Indonesian Hottest Union. The support not only beneficial to the students, but further helped to ignite the sense of social sensitivity, for 2PM fans in particular and young people in general to the surrounding environment. This cooperation is expected to not only stop at this point , but can be developed through a collaborative program with other organizations .


and here are some videos about Indonesian Hottest Projects and 2PM's Journey in Indonesia

#1215076 [#2PMAnniver5ary] PHfor2PM - PH-Hottests 5th Anniversary Video for 2PM

Posted twaycy on 05 September 2013 - 05:42 PM

We are 2PM Philippines, who works hand in hand with the Solo Chapters in the Philippines Jun K. PH, NichkhunPH, TaecyeonPH, JangWooyoungPH, LeeJunhoPH and ChansungPH. We are also part of the Hottest Philippines which is the Union of all Filipino Hottest FC's.

This Video is our 5th Anniversary gift for 2PM, showing how much they have inspired us to be better people by working hard and extending our helping hand to people in need. This is our way of thanking them for the 5 Years of Music, Entertainment and Love that they have shared to Hottests all-over the world.

#1205222 [TRANS] March 2013 - Vogue Japan "Friends in Song, Two of a Kind" (Ni...

Posted serrling on 27 January 2013 - 07:24 PM

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.


~Full scans by @2PMio~

more scans at the bottom of the page
Posted ImagePosted Image

Posted ImagePosted Image

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Friends in Song, Two of a Kind
The first story of 2PM’s Taecyeon and Nichkhun’s friendship.
Asia’s #1 Beastly Idols 2PM.
Member Taecyeon is Korean raised in Boston, while Nichkhun is Thai raised in California. This is the first time they're sharing the story of their friendship from the past to now, and to the future. They will be sharing the stories of hardships during trainee period to the topic of marriage in the future.

“To thank the fans that have been supporting me, I composed my first song. ----- Nichkhun”

“The new album will reflect our opinions and choice of songs. ----- Taecyeon”

2PM first appeared in Vogue Japan on the August 2011 issue (click for scans). The photoshoot was held in Tokyo during June. After the earthquake, many foreign artists deferred their Japanese promotions but 2PM went ahead and came to Japan. On the roof of the studio in Aoyama, Tokyo, the decision to do a photoshoot with the concept of energy and flight has resulted in an overwhelming response from the readers.

During the two years after, be it Japan or Asia, the world has seen huge changes. At the same time, the members have all matured. Their 5th single “Masquerade~” released last November achieved Record Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) Gold status almost immediately (100,000 records sold). Their "Legend of 2PM" Arena tour also began on January 11th. On April 20th and 21st, it is confirmed that their first show at the Tokyo Dome “Legend of 2PM - Tokyo Dome” will be held. 2PM’s One Point Korean Lesson is a fixed program on NHK and it has increased their exposure on the national level.

2PM members Taecyeon and Nichkhun both grew up in the United States. They came to Korea when they were 18, and now at 24, they are the new Asian stars with supporters from Korea, Japan, China and Southeast Asia. As teenagers in America, did they anticipate such a day that they would be stars whose influence spread all over the Asian market? The concept for this photoshoot is how they behave backstage before a performance. In the relaxed atmosphere, we were exposed to their true selves.

I heard you are the in midst of recording the new album (“Legend of 2PM” to be released on February 13th)
  • TY: It’s a great feeling. This album reflects our ideas and song choices.
  • NK: The album also includes the members’ solo compositions.
Does it include yours?
  • NK: Yes, for the first time. I was wondering how to thank the fans that have been supporting me, and “Let It Rain” just appeared in my mind. I went to the piano and the song came about naturally.
  • TY: For mine, I started with the tempo and the chorus. I didn’t think through it in details or sit in front of the piano for a long time (laughs). I even wrote the lyrics.
  • NK: The lyrics are in English as this is the language that I am able to express myself in most and the fans will be able to feel the meaning. We will be showing our solo songs during the Arena Tour so please look forward to it.
From America to Korea, Stretching their possibilities

The first time you met?
  • NK: When I first stayed in Korea after being talent-scouted in America. We were both 18 and I couldn’t speak a word of Korean so Taecyeon became my interpreter (laughs). He was a trainee and interpreter at the same time but he didn’t get paid for it, it’s so sad (laughs).
  • TY: We were roommates too. I thought he was Korean at first and when I greeted him with “Annyeonghasaeyo”, I was wondering why he didn’t reply to me? (laughs)
  • NK: Ahahahahha. He was still wearing glasses then.
  • TY: Nichkhun’s hair gave a “what the heck is that?!” vibe. It was straight and spikey. (burst into laughter)
  • NK: Ah, I’m sorry. It was in style at the time.
What kind of teenager were you in America?
  • NK: I was a carefree Californian youth.
  • TY: I was in Boston then.
  • NK: Taecyeon is kind of a nerd.
You like studying?
  • TY: Yes!
  • NK: Yeah, Taecyeon is really smart. Even when we're chatting about something not related, he is able to link to scientific or historic facts.
  • TY: I'm not interested in a particular era, just that I like world history as a whole. I read a lot of history books in the past.
  • NK: Instead of saying I was a nerd, I was more athletic. I started playing badminton when I was 9 and even participated in competitions. It was my dad who introduced me to it.
  • TY: He's rather good at it.
  • NK: We only played once.
  • TY: I was running around trying to get the shuttlecock. It’s impossible to play, so it turned out like this. (laughs)
  • NK: Badminton is unexpectedly really hard.
Any insecurities when you came back to Asia from America?
  • TY: I didn’t have the thought of doing it until the end, it was more of a “let’s experience more stuff”. My thoughts changed after debut though and it’s now, “Okay, let’s do it until the end!”
If there were no 2PM, what would you be doing in Boston now?
  • NK: I think he would be a professor in college.
  • TY: WHAT? (laughs)
  • NK: At the young age of 24.
  • TY: I'm not that smart! I really like studying so I should still be studying, as a History major and will probably continue into academics.
  • NK: I have no idea what I will be doing but I thought of being a pianist.
Memories of being a trainee?
  • NK: Waking Taecyeon up every morning. (laughs) He had to attend high school in Korea so he set his alarm at 7am but never woke up. I ended up being waken by his alarm tone, "Singing in the Rain"  (T/N: Taec sang this song pre-debut on XTM Korea best male contest, click here to listen/watch)
  • TY: Ta~lalalala~ (sings along)
  • NK: So I would be calling “Taecyeon, Taecyeon” to wake him.  He wouldn't get up so I turned off his alarm every day. Every day!
  • TY: I cannot wake up in the morning~
Did you think it’ll be a good friendship?
  • NK: Our relationship was good from the start.
  • TY: We didn’t have any fights too. (laughs)
  • NK: Even when there are stuff that we don’t like, we will just say, “It’s your fault!” and that’s it. We don’t quarrel over it.
  • TY: Yups.
Such as?
  • NK: Hmmm....such as when we are dancing.
An example?
  • NK: This is when we are correcting our choreography. Sometimes there will be “I thought I danced well” vibe.
  • TY: Hahahah. When it comes to room cleanliness, he is really strict, always saying, “Be quiet, be quiet.”
  • NK: Yes, yes.
  • TY: Besides, he is really disciplined towards work. He’s always saying, “This have to be done seriously!”
If there’s a second chance, I will be more hardworking
  • NK: I started practicing when I got to Korea and attended Korean classes but Taecyeon was always around me interpreting.
  • TY: Yeah, it was like “1 + 1”.
  • NK: 1+1 (laughs)
  • TY: It’s like when you see Taecyeon, you will see Nichkhun and vice versa.
  • NK: The staff always reminded us as we naturally conversed in English so my Korean didn’t improve for 3 years. One day I was told to “Stop conversing in English!”
  • TY: The staff did thank me for being the interpreter at the start. (laughs)
  • NK: That went on for about 2 years. Taecyeon was always warned, “Taecyeon! Stop speaking to him in English! Stay away from Nichkhun!” (laughs)
  • TY: And I thought, “Hm? Did I do something wrong?” (laughs)
If you can do back to that time, what did you wish to change?
  • NK: To be more hardworking in everything including dancing, singing, Korean...everything.
  • TY: (nods his head in agreement)
  • NK: At that time, I didn’t know what would happen in the future.
  • TY: I wish to put in more effort. At that time, if there was a new song or dance, a whole month would be spent practicing it. There were also tests. I was able to learn a dance in a month. Now, we only have a few days of practice to perfect it and perform it on shows. There’s a need to know everything well. In the past, I was really relaxed and would say “There’s still a month left.”
What has changed or remains unchanged for each other?
  • NK: Taecyeon’s intelligence and wit did not change. His body got bigger though.
  • TY: That’s because I didn’t train in the past.
  • NK: But his height is about the same. He’s more mature than the past, and also more professional. I think he changed to be more him. He is not someone who will get started immediately, but will think through it first before doing anything. Also, he can wake up before 7am now. (laughs)
  • TY: Waking up is no longer an issue but whether that will continue is the issue here. (laughs) Nichkhun is very gentle and sincere towards others, that remains unchanged. As for what has changed, he is more confident now and he knows what he is doing. His Korean also improved. (laughs)
Taecyeon, you didn’t forget your Korean despite being in America?
  • TY: There are times when I don’t remember too. I was only at an elementary level and didn’t understand a lot of things when I came back to Korea. Just not as terrible as Nichkhun. (laughs)
You’re learning Japanese now?
  • NK: He is really good at Japanese. I am far from it.
  • TY: Before coming to Japan, all of us had this fear of not being able to communicate with our fans if we have this language barrier so I studied really hard. I am still studying it now!
The biggest issue that stood out during Japanese promotions?
  • TY: It’s not exactly an issue but there’s a difference in culture so there’s a culture shock.
  • NK: Indeed, there’s a culture shock.
  • TY: Be it Korea or America, Japan is really different from them.
  • NK: All 3 countries are so unique. America is really laid back, while Korea is very different. All the details are important.
  • TY: It’s the focus on the finer details? As if every small thing is very important.
  • NK: The most shocking thing about Japan, and one that I personally like a lot, is that everyone is very punctual. Also, everyone greets each other with a sense of sincerity. I also noticed that Japanese people are more focused on the finer details. (laughs)
  • TY: Yes, even more focused on the finer details. (laughs) I believe that no culture is formed presently, it’s an ongoing process. Be it Korea, Japan or America. We will continue on with the differences and live in it~
About family and dreams for the future

Do you invite your families to the concerts in different countries?
  • NK: Family is my number one.
  • TY: My family is the energy for me to go on. Our families have meals together.
  • NK: That’s when his parents become interpreters for mine. (laughs) The same scenario happens in our parents generation.
What kind of family do you think the other will have?
  • TY: Hm? I haven't thought about that before. (laughs) Let me think about it. (After slight consideration) He will be someone who will puts his family first. He has a big family and his siblings have a great relationship. So when he forms his own family, there should be a lot of children and everyone will have a great relationship.
  • NK: Since I have a huge family, my wife might be a little intimidated. When everyone gathers, there are more than 50 people. My future wife has to adapt to such a scenario, accept it and be part of it.
How about Taecyeon?
  • NK: I think he needs to find someone who is good at self management. Someone who manages herself well, be a good mom and a good cook, though Taecyeon himself is a good cook. Besides, it has to be someone who can take good care of him. Why? Because he is someone who will have things laying around without taking care of them. (laughs) He will move on to the next thing halfway through the first so it will be better to have someone who is able to handle such situations.
Both of you are actors too. Nichkhun recently starred in Thai movie “Seven Something.
  • NK: I always wanted to try my hand at acting, so this experience is really precious. However, my skills are far from par. There was a time constraint and I never met the fellow actors before the filming so my acting was really raw at the start. My fellow lead was someone that has more experience and familiar with acting so it went well. Just when I started to grasp the feel, the filming came to an end.
Taecyeon also participated in a Japanese drama “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi”.
  • TY: Being an actor is something I'd like to do in the future. Every year I wish to participate in a drama or movie but 2PM was too busy in 2012 so I wasn't able to.
Singing and acting, what are the differences to you?
  • TY: To me, instead of saying we are performing, it’s more like an entertainer expanding his boundaries.  To me, everything is entertainment.
  • NK: Even though it’s a great feeling to be performing on stage in front of thousands of people, the reason I want to act is to leave my comfort zone. There’s only one camera and yet I can’t break through the restraints, so I can only continue on until I think I have done well enough.
10 years from now?
  • NK: 34 years old and probably married?
  • TY: I think I will still be unmarried. I used to think I would marry young but from the amount of work we have, I think it’s not possible.
  • NK: Yeah.
  • TY: Working is interesting too.
Working on an Asian or Global level?
  • TY: It will be good to be on a global level but we also wish to continue our activities in Asia. A mixture of all the cultures will be a good thing.
  • NK: We will be united as one. We are all humans so we should work together.
20 years from now?
  • NK: 44 years old. If I’m married by then, I wish to spend all my time on my family and children. Maybe open a restaurant or cafe in Thailand. I think I will be living happily.
  • TY: After visiting Tanzania with Nichkhun, I would like to work with more overseas or international developmental organizations.
Remain as friends after 10 or 20 years?
  • TY: Of course!
  • NK: We will have family trips together.
  • TY: Hahahaha
  • NK: It will be a scene where I will introduce, “This is my son!” “This is Uncle Taecyeon!” (laughs)


~click for full size~

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#1222868 [FANCAMS] 140410-11 LAX - 2PM's arrival in LA for the LA KPOP Festival

Posted roMANtaec on 05 May 2014 - 06:33 PM

140410 & 140411 2PM's arrival at LAX (Los Angeles Int'l Airport)

for the LA KPOP Festival (140412)

Nichkhun's arrival on 140410

Fancam donated by @pkz0625

Note: we unfortunately did not catch Jun. K, who arrived at the same time. :(

Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung's arrival on 140411

Note: Wooyoung snuck in before the others, he was hiding in front of

Kim Taewoo with a mask on so we did not notice him OTL!!!

#1220630 [TEASER] 2PM Tokyo Dome DVD BTS Teaser from TIME2SUB

Posted fishy_buck on 25 March 2014 - 11:23 AM

THIS IS AWESOME NEWS <3 i watched the bts that day unsubbed and of course since my level of japanese ends at arigatou, i never could appreciate the bts clips fully. so thank you for doing this for us! and you guys are amazing for giving us presents when it is YOUR anniversary <3 shouldnt it be the other way around? =) but honestly, congratulations on reaching this milestone! you guys have always been amazing right from the get go! and we intl fans cannot thank you enough for all your hard work <3 //hugs

#1215177 [INFO] 2PM Japanese Arena Tour 2014 Schedule & Ticketing Info

Posted roMANtaec on 09 September 2013 - 06:39 AM


2PM Japanese Arena Tour 2014 "GENESIS OF 2PM"

Posted Image
Dates: January 27 - 28, 2014 (2 days)
City: Nagoya, Japan
Venue: Nippon Gaishi Hall (link)
Time: Doors open - 6PM | Concert starts - 7PM
Ticket Prices: Standing - 8600yen | Seated - 8100yen

Posted Image
Dates: January 31 - February 2, 2014 (3 days)
City: Yokohama, Japan
Venue: Yokohama Arena (link)
Time: 1/31 - Doors Open - 6PM | Concert Starts - 7PM // 2/1 & 2/2 - Doors Open - 5PM | Concert Starts - 6PM
Ticket Prices: Standing - 8600yen | Seated - 8100yen

Posted Image
Dates: February 22 - 23, 2014 (2 days)
City: Fukuoka, Japan
Venue: Marine Messe Fukuoka (link)
Time: Doors Open - 5PM | Concert Starts - 6PM
Ticket Prices: Standing - 8600yen | Seated - 8100yen

Posted Image
Dates: March 4 - 6, 2014 (3 days)
City: Osaka, Japan
Venue: Osaka-Jo Hall (link)
Time: Doors open - 6PM | Concert starts - 7PM
Ticket Prices: Standing - 8600yen | Seated - 8100yen

Posted Image
Dates: March 17 - 18, 2014 (2 days)
City: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium - First Gymnasium (link)
Time: Doors open - 6PM | Concert starts - 7PM
Ticket Price: Seated - 8600yen

Dates: March 25 - 26, 2014 (2 days) - TOUR FINALE
City: Tokyo, Japan
Venue: Yoyogi National Stadium - First Gymnasium (link)
Time: Doors open - 6PM | Concert starts - 7PM
Ticket Price: Seated - 8600yen

Ticketing Information
  • Hottest Japan 1 ticketing period: September 9th, 2013 at 2:00PM JST - September 23rd, 2013 at 11:00PM JST
  • Hottest Japan Mobile ticketing period: September 27th, 2013 at 2:00PM JST - October 6th, 2013 at 11:00PM JST
  • Hottest Japan 2 ticketing period: October 9th, 2013 at 2:00PM JST - October 16th, 2013 at 11:00PM JST

#1198666 The 2AM Fan Club Union #IAMProud

Posted sashssi on 01 July 2012 - 02:00 PM


Posted Image

The 2AM Fan Club Union #IAMProud

We are fully aware that all I AM fansites and fanclubs have one main aim which is carried out continuously - to spread our love for 2AM across the world. Each fansite operates in their own individual way and expresses their love through their own voices. However, we would like to invite you and your fansite to connect together and build up a fan club union that we'd like to call the 2AM Fan Club Union - "#I AM Proud"

This 2AM Union enables I AM fansites from all across the globe to connect together and build up a strong and extensive community to support 2AM even further. We all speak different languages - ranging from Chinese to Thai to Arabic and more! - and this would definitely strengthen the bonds between I AMs. It would be wonderful to work together for 2AM-related projects, however it is a difficult process due to the widespread of I AMs around the world. But, through the Union this problem can be solved and we could all express our love through our own individual voices together!

The 2AM Union not only allows various fan clubs to join together and build friendships, it also acts as an outlet where I AMs can brainstorm and discuss 2AM related topics/news/issues. The fan club union allows everyone to ask questions, share resources, provide moral support for each other and most importantly - collaborate and work together to spread our love for 2AM across the globe!

Some of the ideas for the Union's future projects are as follows:
  • A fandom report to JYPE and Big Hit i.e our opinions/likes & dislikes/suggestions etc. This will give them a fair idea about what decisions international fandoms like or dislike.
  • Fandom initiatives. These are little projects we would like to accomplish as a fandom for example; Make sure 2AM wins ________ Award by voting online, ensure 2AM sells over 200,000 copies of their album/single, and anything else we can think of!
We all know that there are no other K-pop groups whose friendships parallel to 2AM and 2PM's strong brotherhood relationship. So, #IAMProud and #1Hottestfor2PM (2PM's Fan Club Union) will be working together on one or two projects each year (e.g anniversary projects/charity projects) to ensure that all global I AMs and Hottests can be heard, seen and also be included! If you have any more suggestions/problems about Union projects or the Union itself, we can discuss this together and reach an agreed solution!

We look forward to seeing these fan club Unions grow and ensure that international I AMs become well recognised as a close-knit community filled with enduring love for 2AM and 2PM! Let us begin to build strong communities both on and off line!

Sign up by filling out this form, and we will contact you with the information you need to be involved in the 2AM Fan Club Union.

#1222760 [TRANS] HIGH CUT Japan Special Edition with 2PM - April 2014

Posted Pandazuki on 27 April 2014 - 06:12 PM

May be taken out with FULL credits.


Posted Image

It's been a long time for 2PM to have a photo shoot together. What are the 'new faces' that they have shown us, a refreshing and lively style through the shooting--a different style from their beastly image.

Wooyoung who is reading the book quietly,
Nichkhun who is checking their clothes one by one showing his interest,
Taecyeon who is choosing his photo from the monitor,
Jun. K who is enthusiastically listening to music…
Their appearance gives you a glimpse of 'adult men'
Yes, they have grown so much that it's so hard to imagine them performing on stage and showing us their gallant appearance on stage. Whether they act like 'beasts' or stand there quietly, it seems like the guys, who have been grabbing women’s hearts, have finally become 'real men.'

[Photo of Jun. K, Nichkhun, and Wooyoung] - Being playful with their pop and vivid clothes shows that their innocence still remains.
[Photo of Wooyoung taken by photographer] - “It's a must to read books in order to know yourself.” - Wooyoung
[Photo of Nichkhun sitting on the floor grasping his knees] - He came to photo studio right after he returned to Korea but he was relaxed until the end.

It's a start of 2PM’s new legendary story
Have you ever seen them looking fully fresh and majestic? A fierce look that even the sunlight of spring cannot brighten. A straight kindness that even lights up the darkness. Now the time has come. The descend of new 2PM.

[Photo of Nichkhun and Junho] - Muse over some thoughts, looks at window… You could see boyishness in their each expression.
[Photo of Jun.K and Wooyoung on the sofa] - The season has come good for light clothing and barefoot.
[Photo of Chansung] - Maybe he was the one who had to rush to become an adult and not anyone else.
[Photo of all 6 with blue based clothing] - They harmonized perfectly in a flush. Witnessed that kind of small miracles many times.
[Photo of Wooyoung and Junho] - “I want to go to Switzerland in spring” - “I want to go to New Zealand alone” - “….How about you Junho?”



2PM debuted as the 'beastly idol' and became a top star in an instant. They have been doing not only musical activities but acting and composing, giving their individual talents maximum exposure. Six years has passed and now 2PM told us, rather than the early times after debuting where we didn't know what to do, whether to go right or left or to just run recklessly, they feel that now is a good time since being bold and relaxed has became second-nature to the members. Members are brushing off unnecessary things on their shoulders and they keep on growing even bigger. It's a beginning of new epoch of 2PM’s legend.

Q: It seems like the image of 'beastly idol' from your debut have been fading little by little recently.
JH: We are still 'beastly' in a way, but not the wild beastly image like before--more like a witty beastly idol.
TY: We worked hard to get out from 2PM’s color we had before. J. Y. Park said, “When we say ‘2PM,' the image that comes to mind is an immaculate and a cool figure but (you should) try to break that image." We groped for our new direction.
WY: J. Y. Park always gives us advice that, “It's better to be relaxed and show your natural self than being forced.” I think our next goal would be to show 2PM's more natural self.

Q: You have finished the arena tour that started from January in Japan. What was the most touching moment?
JH: To be honest, including me, none of us were in good condition during the tour. But we supported each other until the end and we were able to finish the arena tour. It made me realize that... “So this is the team!"
TY: We started the tour from Nagoya and as the tour continues (in various places), fans were sharing the content of concert to each other… the atmosphere became more alive, little by little. When members' solo starts, they (the fans) use a certain penlight… We all have different penlight color for each members.
CS: It might be a very small thing but… depending on what we are going to sing, the facial expression of fans changes. It is the moment when you can really feel that we are having fun together with our song that we sing. And I’m really happy in those kinds of moment.

Q: After Junho and now Jun.K also, solo album and concert tour is planned in Japan this year.
JK: My first solo album in Japan! I’m really happy. All of the song was composed and written by me. For the solo tour, I’m planning to completely change from 2PM’s style and image, and decorate everything with white. Since my nickname in Japan is Panda, I might put a big Panda toy on the stage, and invite one of the fans on the stage… (laugh) I want to do some fan service and I’m already excited (laugh) But it's still an idea, so you will know what happens if you come to the concert!
NK: I have to go watch (laugh)

Q: Advice from Junho to Jun.K.
JH: When you have an interview, even though you don't have good Japanese skills, look at interviewers eyes, speak politely with each words, so that your sincerity will be delivered. Even in the concert, to express how you are feeling will be a big part to move the heart of the audience.

Q: Do you have anything special when you do activities in Japan?
JK: At the concert, I talk a lot to fans. I want them to feel closer like boy/guy from next door.
NK: When we sing a song, we work hard to show cool appearance and also as a singer we put our hearts into it. At the talk time, we try to show ourselves like 6 comedians and be funny.

Q: Did you have any time to rest while you're preparing for the album, the tour, and your solo activities?
JH: Before, staying at home and doing nothing was the best kind of rest, but recently, I have some time to plan beforehand. I plan the details for next year every summer.
WY: I have been focusing on only 2PM for a long time, but I thought I should have my own sense of values and goals. I started reading a lot of books and I give myself time to think and understand myself more. From now, I hope to show and express the image of carefree man, and not the clean and superficial image anymore.

Q: Junho has finished filming the movie <Memories of the Sword> with Lee Byunghun and Jeon Doyeon recently.
JH: I learned a lot. The genre was historical and the process of learning how to use the swords… everything was hard and it was a big challenge for me! Byunghun sunbaenim, Soyeon sunbaenim, and others helped me a lot. We talked a lot about how I think of the feelings of the character and how the seniors think about the feelings of the character. When you think about it alone, you stay in the border and can't express it freely. But I think because of the advice of seniors, how I think and my methods in expressing things have expanded.

Q: What kind of role do you want to try in the future?
JH: Before I get old I want to try student role. It has been my dream to wear a uniform and act.

Q: If the role is a teenager, then it might be a rebellious teen?
JH: The popular role in teens is already set right〜 Even though you’re rebel, the character has to be compassionate and caring… and he won't let others know that he has that kind of side? (laugh) I will think about it in more details after I improve in my acting skills.

Q: Taecyeon is doing a tragic role Donghee who have been abandoned by his biological mother, left by his wife, and have twins that are registered as his brother and sister at KBS drama <Wonderful Days>, isn’t it hard?
TY: I think there’s not a lot of people that experience this kind of dramatic life and I've never experienced it either, so I receive a lot of advice from the producers, scriptwriter, and seniors. The members also help me with reading scripts when they have time.

Q: What scene you felt sad the most when you were acting?
TY: The scene where Donghee found the real mother of the twins. The mother said, “Aren't you trying to get me for your own self-satisfaction? I want to live a life as a woman being loved." I let her go, and then I received a phone call from the twins. I really cried that time.

Q: Chansung has appeared in KBS sports variety <Cool Kiz on the Block: Taekwondo> series and was acknowledged as an ace.
CS: It's different when you sweat from doing sports and performing on the stage! You can feel the tension when we are competing against each other during the match, and I think that's interesting.

Q: When watching MBC’s variety show <We Got Married*> (*it's a reality TV program in which celebrities act as a virtual couple), Wooyoung looks like he is an innocent and an inexperienced man. (Laugh)
WY: I always think it's really hard when I’m filming. It gives me mixed feelings because I think, “If this person is my wife..." but also I have the thought that... “The viewers are watching." But I handle it in every filming because I really love my partner, so I hope the viewers of the program enjoys it.

Q: Nichkhun, what do you think about Wooyoung while watching as a senior in <We Got Married>?
NK: I thought he will be really awkward if he's with a woman, but I think he's really natural and he's doing very well!
WY: It was really awkward at the first meeting though…
JK: It looked like you were acting. (laugh)
WY: If that was acting, I can really pursue acting career〜

Q: If you had to choose 'It was a really good time' from activities as 2PM, what would it be?
CS: It's always been good times. It's really hard to choose just one moment.

Q: Goals or challenges you want to tackle for coming future?
JH: I want to try sky diving since I love extreme sports! I want to go to the Grand Canyon and also try the squirrel shaped jumpsuit from <Transformers 3>! But I don't have that kind of time… (tears)
WY: I want to get into something that can make you lose your mind! Something like, while reading a book, your nose bleeds but you don’t notice or like dance until you get dizzy and faint.
NK: That's dangerous!
WY: But I want to get into something so much and be so immersed that I become like that!

Q: If you were to go for an outing in spring, where and who would you go with? And what do you want to do?
JK: I want to go on a spring trip to Switzerland! It's been a place that makes me go back to my childhood. If I were to go for an outing in Spring, I want to make a balloon kimbap and go to Han River with family. You make a balloon shape on the edge of the kimbap and roll it. My mom showed me how to do that when I was young.
NK: I want to go on a fun trip with members. The place doesn't matter! We usually go home after we work, so we don’t really have time to hang out together.
WY: I want to go to New Zealand alone!
JH: Isn’t it outing in the Spring?
WY: If it's an outing… then isn’t it fine if you take a day trip there? (laugh)

#1217003 [#YolandaPH] Fundraisers for Typhoon Yolanda Relief by I AM & Hottest Aro...

Posted roMANtaec on 14 November 2013 - 03:26 PM


Fundraisers for Typhoon Yolanda Relief

I AM & Hottest around the world are working together to raise money for Typhoon Yolanda Relief in support of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines!  We couldn't be prouder of your willingness to rise to action in times of need!  Let's do our best to show our support! Help spread the word by RTing, reblogging, and sharing on Facebook!  Every little bit helps to make a difference, so don't be shy! ^^

Check out a list of projects around the world! If you're organizing a 2AM or 2PM related project, feel free to share in the comments and we'll update this post!


2PM Philippines - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepting donations to the Philippines Red Cross via Paypal and local Filipino banks and transfer methods
Indonesian Hottest (Indonesia) - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepting cash donations to be donated to the Philippines Red Cross via 2PM Philippines
JunHOPPER (Japan) - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepted cash donations via JustGiving.jp (closed)
MEMORIA (Korea) - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepting donations through a Naver Bean donation campaign
MYHOTTEST2PM (Malaysia) - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepting direct cash donations via bank or Paypal or contribute by participating in the #MYHottest4Charity Lelong Project for 2PM limited edition merchandise!
2ONEDAY.com - SG Team (Singapore) - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepting cash donations at the JYP Nationalist Gathering on Saturday, November 16th!
USAIAMHOTTEST (USA) - Twitter | Project Details
  • accepting donations via bank, cash or Paypal or contribute by purchasing items from the UIH Stock Sale!
CLUBHOTTEST (INTL) - Contact: pillarsofsalts@gmail.com / @saltaec | Project Details
  • selling 2PM Yazoo fanart and 2PM clay macaron phone straps. All proceeds will be donated to the Philippines Red Cross.
FollowKhun.com (INTL) - Twitter | Project Details
  • purchase 2PM fanart buttons - proceeds will be donated to the Philippines Red Cross via 2PM Philippines.

To all of our I AM & Hottest working hard to make a difference... FIGHTINGGGG!!!

#1215096 [#2PMAnniver5ary] Happy Birthday "Beastly Idol" 2PM - Shining In The...

Posted x_tiffany_x on 06 September 2013 - 07:59 AM

Wow this is such an unique present to celebrate 2PM's 5th anniversary! I am just amazed at this because it's so special and meaningful, stars are prettyyyy too. I always liked to associate fans as stars. Because in our 2PM & Hottest rainbow galaxy (keke) each and every fan are like stars. Not every single star can be seen at the same time but each one is equally important and shines brightly, holding their special place in the fandom ^__^

Plus not to mention, my starsign is Virgo too so having 6 2PM named stars in the Virgo constellations makes me smile even brighter! I like how each individual name is special and relates to them specifically, so any Hottest will know exactly who is who. I must include that your photobook is really cute too! Nothing beats sending your own personal messages to the members and sometimes it's something as simple as a written message which really touches the heart ♥
Thank you Vietnamese Hottests! You guys did an amazing job!

#1211748 [ALBUM] 2PM - Grown (Grand Edition)

Posted Sophixia on 19 June 2013 - 04:36 PM


3rd Korean Album - Repackage

~click for full size 2386 x 2386~

Posted Image

2PM - Grown (Grand Edition)
Release Date: 130619

1. Traición
Trans: Betrayal
  • Lyrics by: Taecyeon aka TY
  • Composed by: Taecyeon aka TY
  • Arranged by: Geol
2. I'm In Love
  • Lyrics by: Lee Junho
  • Composed by: Lee Junho, Hong Jisang
  • Arranged by: J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul", Hong Jisang
3. This Is Love
  • Lyrics by: Jang Wooyoung
  • Composed by: Jang Wooyoung, Han Jaeseong, Hong Jisang
  • Arranged by: Jang Wooyoung, Hong Jisang
4. 향수
Romanized: hyang-soo
Trans: Perfume
  • Lyrics by: Hwang Chansung
  • Composed by: Ha Jeongho
  • Arranged by: Ha Jeongho, Story Teller
5. Let It Rain
  • Lyrics by: Nichkhun
  • Composed by: Nichkhun, Hong Jisang
  • Arranged by: Hong Jisang
  • Lyrics by: Jun. K
  • Composed by: 143v
  • Arranged by: 143v
7. It′s Time (Feat. 유빈, San E)
  • Lyrics by: Yubin, San E, Taecyeon aka TY
  • Composed by: Taecyeon aka TY
  • Arranged by: Jo Jungsoo
8. Just A Feeling
  • Lyrics by: Lee Junho
  • Composed by: Lee Junho
  • Arranged by: Lee Junho
9. Love U Down
  • Lyrics by: Dokebi
  • Composed by: Dokebi
  • Arranged by: Dokebi
10. 내 이름을 불러줘
Romanized: nae i-reum-eul bul-leo-jwo
Trans: Call My Name
  • Lyrics by: An Jeonyeong**, Taecyeon aka TY
  • Composed by: Taecyeon aka TY
  • Arranged by: Minigun, Super Changddai

#1210065 [★] WTII in Seoul Grand Finale Rice Wreath Donation Project

Posted roMANtaec on 22 May 2013 - 09:52 AM

[★] WTII in Seoul Grand Finale Rice Wreath Donation Project [★]

World Class Hottest for World Class 2PM

We'd love to send a rice wreath donation on behalf of all of the 2OD Hottests around the world for 2PM's "What Time Is It?" in Seoul Grand Finale concerts!  

We have a short amount of time and a lot of money to raise, but if everyone pitches in even just a few dollars, I'm sure we'll have no problem!

With these wreaths, rice is donated to underprivileged neighborhoods in Korea!  It's a lovely tradition to send wreaths in support of celebrities, especially for concerts and we've never done one for 2PM before so this is very exciting!!  

Here's a few examples from the 2012 JYP Nation Concert in Seoul:

Click here for more!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Our low-end goal is: $800 USD so that we can afford to donate this type of wreath:

Posted Image

Our high-end goal is: $1500 USD so that we can afford to donate this type of wreath:

Posted Image

  • If we collect less than $800 we will order a smaller wreath based on how much we collect.
  • Anything in between $800 - $1500, we will add on as many 10kgs bag of rice as possible (10kg bags of rice = $30 each)
  • If we collect over $1500, we will of course choose a bigger wreath!!! :D

The banner will be designed by our amazing designer, Kuronology.  We will allow our donors to choose the sayings in the ribbons before the concert as well!  Please expect a "World Class 2PM" theme~!


All donors will receive donor status on the forum!  Our donation tracker is broken so unfortunately we'll have to upgrade your statuses manually on the forum - so please be patient with our staff! ^^

We are accepting:
  • Bank Transfer (Union Bank)
  • Western Union
  • LBC
  • You can also order left over fanpack items, all proceeds donated to this project, click here!
  • POSB Transfer
  • Concealed Cash
  • Concealed Cash
  • Bank of America transfer
  • Bank of America deposit (visit a branch and deposit in our account)
  • Wells Fargo transfer
  • Money Order
  • Western Union

Please fill out the appropriate form and read the notes at the top of the form! ^^ DEADLINES
  • Non-Paypal donations will be accepted until June 9th, 2013 at midnight KST
  • Paypal donations will be accepted until June 17th, 2013 at midnight KST

DONATION TOTAL: $444 (as of 130617)


Huhuhu, thank you to our super duper amazingly generous World Class Donors~~ ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

#1209023 [ALBUM] 2PM - Grown

Posted roMANtaec on 08 May 2013 - 09:17 AM

May be taken out with full credits.


문득 (Korean)

[택연] 문득 니 얼굴이 떠올랐어
문득 니 모습이 생각나서 난 또
가슴 깊이 묻어둔
추억들을 꺼내어 보곤해

[닉쿤] 왠지 오늘 밤에는
니가 있던 그 곳에 내가 서있을 것만 같아
함께 했던 우리 약속들
아직도 너무 선명한데

[준호] 나 왜이렇게 널 잊지 못해
바보같이 아파만 하는데
내 가슴은 왜 내 말을 듣지 않아
잊고 또 잊으려고 억지웃음 져봐도

[준케이] 나 왜 이렇게 널 잊지 못해 아파야 하는데
아냐 아무말도 아냐 그냥 그냥
나 혼자 또 이래 미안해
니 생각이 떠올랐어 문득

[우영] 아무렇지도 않니
나를 떠나 버리고서
그래 그래 널 지울게
내 가슴이 널 자꾸 찾아도

[준호] 나 왜이렇게 널 잊지 못해
바보같이 아파만 하는데
내 가슴은 왜 내 말을 듣지 않아
잊고 또 잊으려고 억지웃음 져봐도

[준케이] 나 왜 이렇게 널 잊지 못해 아파야 하는데
아냐 아무말도 아냐 그냥 그냥
나 혼자 또 이래 미안해
니 생각이 떠올랐어

[찬성] 이제 멀리 돌아선 너를 찾지 말기
이 마음이 무너져 내려도 행복하길
혹시 내 가슴이 너를 찾아
다시 널 불러내도 나의 사랑아

[준케이] 나 왜 이렇게 널 잊지 못해 아파야 하는데
아냐 아무말도 아냐 그냥 그냥
나 혼자 또 이래 미안해
니 생각이 떠올랐어 문득

Moon-deuk (Romanization)

[TY] Moon-deuk ni eol-goo-li tteo-ol-la-sseo
moon-deuk ni mo-seub-ie saeng-gak-na-seo nan ddo
ga-seum gi-pi moo-deo-doon
choo-eok-deul-eul ggeo-nae-eo bo-gon-hae

[NK] waen-ji o-neul bam-eh-neun
ni-ga it-deon geu go-seh nae-ga seo-i-sseul geot-man ga-tah
ham-kkeh haet-deon oo-ri yak-sok-deul
a-jik-di neo-moo seon-myeong-han-deh

[JH] na wae-i-reoh-keh neol it-ji mot-hae
ba-bo-ga-chi ah-pah-man ha-neun-deh
nae ga-seum-eun wae nae ma-leul deut-ji anh-ah
it-go ddo i-jeu-ryeo-go eok-ji-oo-seum jyeo-bwa-do

[JK] na wae i-reoh-keh neol it-ji mot-hae ah-pa-ya ha-neun-de
a-nya a-moo-dal-do a-nya geu-nyang geu-nyang
na hon-ja ddo i-rae mi-an-hae
ni saeng-gak-ie tteo-ol-la-sseo moon-deuk

[WY] a-moo-reoh-ji-do anh-ni
na-reul tteo-na beo-ri-go-seo
geu-rae geu-rae neol ji-ool-geh
nae ga-seum-ie neol ja-ggoo cha-ja-do

[JH] na wae-i-reoh-keh neol ij-ji mot-hae
ba-bo-ga-chi a-pa-man ha-neun-de
nae ga-seum-eun wae nae mal-eul deud-ji anh-ah
it-go ddo i-jeu-ryeo-go eok-ji-oo-seum jyeo-bwa-do

[JK] na wae i-reoh-keh neol it-ji mot-hae ah-pa-ya ha-neun-de
a-nya a-moo-dal-do a-nya geu-nyang geu-nyang
na hon-ja ddo i-rae mi-an-hae
ni saeng-gak-ie tteo-ol-la-sseo

[CS] i-jeh meol-li do-ra-seon neo0reul chaj-ji mal-gi
i ma-eum-ie moo-neo-jyeo nae-ryeo-do haeng-bok-ha-gil
hok-shi nae ga-seum-ie neo-reul cha-ja
da-shi neol bool-reo-nae-do na-eui sa-rang-ah

[JK] na wae i-reoh-keh neol it-ji mot-hae ah-pa-ya ha-neun-de
a-nya a-moo-dal-do a-nya geu-nyang geu-nyang
na hon-ja ddo i-rae mi-an-hae
ni saeng-gak-ie tteo-ol-la-sseo moon-deuk

Suddenly (Eng Trans)

Suddenly, your face came into my mind
Suddenly, I thought of you
So I took out the deeply buried memories from my heart once again

For some reason, tonight,
It feels like I would be standing where you once were
The promises we made together are still so clear to me

Why can’t I forget you?
I’m only hurting like a fool
Why won’t my heart listen to me?
I try to forget and forget and force myself to laugh

Why can’t I forget you?
Why do I have to hurt like a fool?
It’s nothing, it’s nothing
I’m sorry for being like this by myself
I just thought of you suddenly

Are you doing well?
After you have left me?
Fine, I will erase you
Although my heart keeps searching for you

Why can’t I forget you?
I’m only hurting like a fool
Why won’t my heart listen to me?
I try to forget and forget and force myself to laugh

Why can’t I forget you?
Why do I have to hurt like a fool?
It’s nothing, it’s nothing
I’m sorry for being like this by myself
I just thought of you suddenly

Now I shouldn’t look for you, who has gone far away
Even if my heart crumbles and falls, I hope you’re happy
Even if my heart ever looks for you
And calls out your name, my love

Why can’t I forget you?
I’m only hurting like a fool
Why won’t my heart listen to me?
I try to forget and forget and force myself to laugh

Why can’t I forget you?
Why do I have to hurt like a fool?
It’s nothing, it’s nothing
I’m sorry for being like this by myself
I just thought of you suddenly

#1207811 [TIME2SHINE] Fansite Spotlight: TIME2BEAT PERU

Posted YanYan on 08 April 2013 - 03:22 PM

Hottests are on a global scale and the internet makes the world a smaller place. So to get to know more about Hottests around the world, we're introducing TIME2SHINE: #1Hottestfor2PM Fansite Spotlight!  #1Hottestfor2PM is our international fan union for local fansites around the globe!

Read a new interview every week about different 2PM fan sites/clubs. Share your thoughts on learning about different cultures and connecting to other 2PM fans!  



#1Hottestfor2PM Fansite Spotlight:  TIME2BEAT PERU

Posted Image

Fansite name: TIME2BEAT Peru
Country: Peru
Fansite URL: http://www.2pmperu.com/
Fansite Twitter: @time2beatperu
Fansite Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/2pm.peru

Can you introduce who TIME2BEAT Peru is for the HOTTESTS all over the world?

Hello everybody, this is Time2Beat Peru, a 2PM fanclub in Peru. Nice to meet you all.  We are really happy to have been chosen as this week's fan club.

Who started TIME2BEAT Peru and why?

Time2Beat Peru was started by a group of 5 people: Alicia, Matilde, Ingrid, Claudia and Fanny (and also Carla who is now one of our Jun. K coordinators). We have 6 members in the staff and we also have 12 coordinators who are in charge of each of the 2PM members and their sites. We also have an official t-shirt and an ID card.

Posted Image

What does TIME2BEAT mean?

Well Time2Beat comes from TIME which is always related to the name/time 2PM and BEAT comes from Heartbeat, so Time2Beat means that it's always time for our hearts to beat for 2PM.

How long has this fan club been established?

We were fans already but the fan club itself was established in 2010 because we had [and still have] this need to make something for 2PM [in appreciation] for making us so happy. We chose our anniversary date based on 2PM's debut song, 10 out of 10. So the day we opened our fan club was October 10.

Is there a big K-Pop fanbase in Peru?

Yes, there are many fan clubs here; in fact almost every K-pop artist has their own fan club. We used to think it was really difficult for a Korean artist to visit Peru but we have had JYJ, U-Kiss, BigBang and Kim Hyun Joong visit in the past two years, and Super Junior is visiting in April, so we don't think anything is impossible anymore. Time2Beat is always waiting for 2PM.

Do the members meet up in person often? How do you guys brainstorm ideas for projects and events?

We try to keep our members really active. We meet for the 2PM members’ birthdays and go out and eat something special. We also celebrate 2PM’s anniversaries and special events to gain funds for the fan club. We also gather to practice fan chants. The staff members have special meetings to brainstorm ideas for projects. The last step is to communicate the ideas and projects to the fan club members during meetings and see if they like them. We also ask them to tell us some ideas too.

Posted Image Posted Image

What is your REAL TIME2BEAT series on YouTube about?

Haha, it's kind of embarrassing, but sometimes we call our staff 'Troll2Beat'. Every time we are making or saying something serious one of us will come up with something funny. So we decided, why not make something like Real 2PM to show everybody that [behind the scenes] there are always funny moments when we make projects or make the food for our girls in special events. Our members seem to have fun watching them because they feel more connected. The person in charge of Real Time2Beat is one of the funniest staff members, Matilde.

You can check out our Real Time2BEAT series HERE

On KBS’ A Song For You From 2PM Ep. 5: Dear ChanSung, TIME2BEAT Peru’s video was featured. How did it feel to have your video play on KBS for people around the world to see? What was the reaction to ChanSung replying and singing Don’t Stop Can’t Stop for you all?

You won't ever know how we [really] felt at the moment, seriously. [It was a ‘you had to be there’ moment]. We had this event to celebrate JunHo’s and ChanSung’s birthday, called OH! Say Yes~ ChanNuneo Luau. A few days before this event, one of our members (Astrid), asked me, “Time2Beat is going to make a video for A Song for You from 2PM, right?” And I was like, "OMG, you’re right! We should make a video for them!" So we start making our message and since we were celebrating those two members’ birthdays, we decided to ask them to sing that song for us.

[What was] our reaction? Everyone was super happy (and even crying haha). I think our feelings were beyond happiness. To be able to watch ChanSung laughing and looking so happy because of our video was priceless. The song [was] an inspiration for us to make things even better.

What do the fans do to celebrate each member’s birthday?

We do many things actually. It's different for each member but this is our first year sending them presents thanks to some Korean fan sites. We try to send them things related to Peru in some way. For example, we sent Jun. K a baby alpaca carpet with a panda and his personal logo, we sent ChanSung a bottle of our best Pisco*, and we are going to send WooYoung something really special. It’s a surprise for now.

Posted Image Posted Image

*PISCO: colorless or yellowish-to-amber colored grape brandy

To celebrate, we gather with the fan club members in one place and we make different things. We subtitle some videos for our members (BTW… thanks a lot to 2OD for their subs!) and project 2PM performances or some new DVD of 2PM to watch all together. We also held special contests in our Facebook events like ‘Make your own Panda and Okcat’ for Jun. K and Taecyeon’s birthdays. Our members made them and showed them off in the main event, and the winner got a 2PM single or an album. We even have a piñata with some goodies for our members during our events, a happy hour, raffles, and a special gift for every girl that comes. At the end we sing happy birthday in Korean and Spanish and we have cake :)

These are some pictures from TaecYeon and Jun. K's birthday celebration:

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

All our events have a special name and a theme. Like “SAWADEE KA KHUNNIE MOUSE!” for Khun’s birthday, EVERYTHING OK.KAY! for Jun. K and TaecYeon’s birthdays, or “MY LIFE 4 U - 2PM 4 YEARS CELEBRATION” for 2PM’s Anniversary. Also our coordinators in charge of the member whose birthday we are celebrating make a special pack with goodies related to that member. So the first 25 people who bought their tickets for our event get one. The money we earn in each event is then used to buy the 2PM members presents or to make the next event.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

Apart from our birthday events, we also have events to gain funds for our fan club like “CHOCOHOTTEST: 1ERA HOTTEST CHOCOLATADA” for Christmas and our Time2Eat events where we go eat Korean or Peruvian food with all our fan club members.

Posted Image Posted Image

What is the KPOP IDOLS FESTIVAL in Peru? What 2PM songs has TIME2BEAT performed?

KPOP IDOLS FESTIVAL in Peru used to be a fan club contest. Each fan club makes fan chants for at least 6 songs and prepares for weeks for the event. There are [some] really awesome performances from the biggest fan clubs here such as Super Junior’s fan club, TVXQ’s fan club, and SS501’s fan club. Last time we won 2nd prize. We were really happy that we won because our members and our staff put a lot of effort in each performance. We were also very proud because some of the fan chants used for the 2PM songs were made by us. The highlight of the event is called 'La Canción de Mi Barra' in which each fan club has a special song and performs it with all the staff.

Our performances from last year's festival:
Posted Image

Our goal in these events is to show people that 2PM is not only about [their hit singles] Heartbeat and I’ll Be Back, but that they also have other great songs. We even used My Color in a past event.

2PM has yet to perform in Peru. What kinds of projects and activities are you doing to help Peru become recognized?

Well we think Peru has already become a target for at least some K-pop groups, as I said before many artists are visiting us nowadays, maybe not as much as in other countries in Asia or USA, but they are already coming. In the last meeting with the leaders of [other] Peruvian fan clubs, there were some producers who were considering the idea of bringing 2PM in the future so we hope it can come true.

In the mean time, we are trying to participate in all the video project events we can and take pictures and try to show them via twitter. We have won a Soompi award for a picture we sent with our members carrying a Hands Up banner and the Peruvian flag. We also have the A Song for you from 2PM video (we said at the end that Peru is waiting for 2PM) and we send them presents, so I think they already know that their Peruvians fans are waiting for them here.

If TIME2BEAT were tour guides for 2PM when they visit Peru, what is one place that you would take them to?

To our houses. Haha. Okay no... Peru is a country with a lot of history, but many people only know about Macchu Picchu. There's a lot to see in Lima (the capital of our country). We would bring them to 'Centro Histórico de Lima' (Lima’s downtown) that has many buildings related to the era of our country like ‘Palacio de Gobierno’, our Cathedral, etc… There are really beautiful buildings, museums, and churches there and they’ll be able to find a variety of markets specialized in selling Peruvian crafts. Also Peruvian food is very well known for being really delicious, so I think we would bring them to many great restaurants to taste our food.

Can you teach us how to say “I LOVE 2PM” in your primary language?

In Spanish it will be 'AMO A 2PM`'

What is a significant event/milestone that the fan club has and experienced and will treasure forever?

Even though we won that picture Soompi picture contest and 2PM saw us, the A Song for you from 2PM video watched by ChanSung was extremely special. As we said, it was so heartwarming to see him so happy and laughing watching our video. We will never forget.

What do you hope for TIME2BEAT Peru in the future?

First of all we want greetings from JYP... Haha. We would like to grow as a fan club in number and in our love for 2PM. We would like to make a solid fan club with members whose priority is really 2PM. We are very happy right now because our members really love 2PM so we would like that to continue in the future. If 2PM comes to Peru someday, we would like our fan club to perform some special event for them during their concert as other international fans do.

A message to The 2PM Fan Club Union #1HOTTESTfor2PM?

Hello everybody around the world, as you just read we are Time2Beat Peru. For all the international fan clubs, keep [up] the good work and always remember that anything is possible, so let's all try to put our best effort in every project we make to finally have 2PM perform in our countries. Please keep loving and supporting 2PM very much. Let's all create a colorful sea for our beastly giants all around the world.

#1207244 [L2AD Special] 2OD 5th Anniversary Wallpaper Pack

Posted kuronology on 25 March 2013 - 05:44 PM

2OD 5th Anniversary Wallpaper Packs!

As part of the celebration of our 5th anniversary and our new layout launch, here's some goodies from us; wallpaper packs! Personalize your desktop with some One Day love, courtesy from 2OD ^^ ♥

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1280x800 | 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 | 2560x1600

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1280x800 | 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 | 2560x1600

**NOTE**: These designs may be used for personal use only!!

Designs may not be reproduced or used for other purposes without the written permission of 2ONEDAY.COM.