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[NEWS] 120224 2PM arrives in Nanjing, surrounded by 300 fans

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 05:38 PM

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2PM arrives in Nanjing, surrounded by 300 fans

Korean boyband 2PM, who is popular through Asia, will be holding their first concert in China tonight at the Nanjing Olympic Stadium. Fans will be flying in from all over the world for the concert. After arriving in Nanjing yesterday afternoon, the six members attended a Hi-Touch session which allows 300 fans to be in close proximity with their idols. Besides this being their first concert in China, 2PM also performed a meaningful act of donating part of the concert proceeds to the “Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children” event on Weibo, changing school furniture for over 200 students. (Visit this thread for more info on the donation)

Fans exclaim, “It feels like a dream”

Korea’s “Beastly Idol” 2PM held their first concert of 2012 Hands Up Asia Tour in Thailand. The members’ passionate performances ended the concert on a high. Before the concert, 2PM held a Hi-Five event and 300 fans braved the hot weather to catch a glimpse of their handsome idols. The Nanjing concert is the 2nd stop and 2PM also held a Hi-Touch session yesterday which was slated to start at 5pm. Fans, locally and overseas, were already gathered around the hotel lobby in the morning, but due to venue constrains, there were only 300 lucky fans chosen for the event. Many fans that did not managed to win the Hi-Touch event were gathered outside the hotel, hoping to buy tickets from the lucky ones. Before the start of the Hi-Touch session, fans sang along to the 2PM hits in fluent Korean despite the language constrains. The minute 2PM appeared on stage, the crowd went crazy. Besides simple greetings in Chinese, 2PM also said that they hope the fans will have fun at the concert tomorrow and due to the high ticket sales, there will be a huge crowd so please take care of their own safety. During the Hi-Touch session, the members displayed their Mandarin skills by replying “Hi” and “Thank You” to the fans. There were boxes labeled with the members’ name for the fans to deposit their gifts. Overseas and China fans flew into Nanjing for the concert and many shed tears of happiness after the Hi-Touch session. A girl who flew into Nanjing from Dalian, China, exclaimed,” Oh my god! It feels like a dream!”

The six members said they like Ziyi Zhang

“This is our first trip to Nanjing and the fans are really enthusiastic. We were touched when we saw so many fans at the airport.” 2PM were excited for this trip to Nanjing. They have received fan presents in Korea and the Roufu** (fried pork crisps) fans sent were really tasty so they hope to try the delicious Chinese cuisine during the trip. Preciously they tried some duck cuisine in Thailand and having heard that the duck cuisine is famous in Nanjing, they mentioned they hope to have the chance to try them. With an average age of 23, 2PM is famous throughout Asia at such a young age, so how do they normally relax and de-stress? The members exchanged eye contact and smiled, “By eating. Eating and exercising at the same time.” This is their first concert in China, when asked if they know or like any Chinese artiste, Wooyoung said with a smile, “We like Ziyi Zhang very much.” Nichkhun and the other members nodded in agreement.

While preparing for the concert, to better grasp the Chinese culture, 2PM interacted with their fans on Sohu Weibo and discovered the “Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children” online event started by Ju Jianfu, a reporter at Yangtse Wanbao. (Info about the event omitted, please refer to thread) At the press conference yesterday, 2PM passed the donation to the organizer and they even brought 2 big bags of books, notebooks and other stationeries for the children. They said, “We heard that the children have a lack of study items and they are in a tough environment, so we wished to help them change their school furniture in hope of improving their conditions.” They also said they will not hesitate to participate in other charitable activities. Ju Jianfu in return handed a letter of gratitude written by the children to thank 2PM for their donation.

**T/N: Roufu (??) has many different definitions in the Chinese cuisine so I am just taking the general definition.

I am so proud of the boys! So they donated part of the concert proceeds for the school and children. Seems to be a trend. I hope they have fun in Nanjing and manage to eat all the delicious food!



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A picture of 2PM passing the items over to Ju Jianfu at the Press Conference.

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 05:50 PM

View Postt3aRdr0p, on 25 February 2012 - 05:38 PM, said:

With an average age of 23, 2PM is famous throughout Asia at such a young age, so how do they normally relax and de-stress? The members exchanged eye contact and smiled, “By eating. Eating and exercising at the same time.”

???????????? how cute xD

Thanks for translating, Serene!!! <3333 It's so nice to hear that they're donating towards great causes throughout the Hands Up Tour!  Once they experienced great success in 2011, they finally have the ability to give back!! :D  Proud, as always!!! '3'

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:12 PM

Aww! I'm happy 2PM was well received!

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Posted 25 February 2012 - 06:13 PM

Thanks for the translation ^^
The boys seem really happy
2pm .. all the way
with you forever ..

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Posted 26 February 2012 - 04:57 AM

daebak news! such great news to hear that they have donated...again! and that makes me grow more love to 2pm! really daebak! ^0^ thank you for the translations!

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 02:54 AM

I feel happy for those fans who got to see 2PM at Nanjing (:  
And 2PM seems to have been happy to get to go to China too.  And they are always so cheerful!  makes me want to hug them haha (:

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