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The 2PM Fan Club Union #1HOTTESTfor2PM

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 01:54 PM


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The 2PM Fan Club Union #1HOTTESTfor2PM

We are fully aware that all HOTTEST fansites and fanclubs have one main aim which is carried out continuously - to spread our love for 2PM across the world. Each fansite operates in their own individual way and expresses their love through their own voices. However, we would like to invite you and your fansite to connect together and build up a fan club union that we'd like to call the 2PM Fan Club Union - "#1 HOTTEST for 2PM"

This 2PM Union enables HOTTEST fansites from all across the globe to connect together and build up a strong and extensive community to support 2PM even further. We all speak different languages - ranging from Chinese to Thai to Arabic and more! - and this would definitely strengthen the bonds between HOTTESTs. It would be wonderful to work together for 2PM-related projects, however it is a difficult process due to the widespread of HOTTESTs around the world. But, through the Union this problem can be solved and we could all express our love through our own individual voices together!

The 2PM Union not only allows various fan clubs to join together and build friendships, it also acts as an outlet where HOTTESTs can brainstorm and discuss 2PM related topics/news/issues. The fan club union allows everyone to ask questions, share resources, provide moral support for each other and most importantly - collaborate and work together to spread our love for 2PM across the globe!

Some of the ideas for the Union's future projects are as follows:
  • A fandom report to JYPE i.e our opinions/likes & dislikes/suggestions etc. This will give them a fair idea about what decisions international fandoms like or dislike.
  • Fandom initiatives. These are little projects we would like to accomplish as a fandom for example; Make sure 2PM wins ________ Award by voting online, ensure 2PM sells over 200,000 copies of their album/single, and anything else we can think of!
We all know that there are no other K-pop groups whose friendships parallel to 2PM and 2AM's strong brotherhood relationship. So, #1Hottestfor2PM and #IAMProud (2AM's Fan Club Union) will be working together on one or two projects each year (e.g anniversary projects/charity projects) to ensure that all global HOTTESTs and I AMs can be heard, seen and also be included! If you have any more suggestions/problems about Union projects or the Union itself, we can discuss this together and reach an agreed solution!

We look forward to seeing these fan club Unions grow and ensure that international HOTTESTs become well recognised as a close-knit community filled with enduring love for 2AM and 2PM! Let us begin to build strong communities both on and off line!

Sign up by filling out this form, and we will contact you with the information you need to be involved in the 2PM Fan Club Union.

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Posted 30 August 2013 - 11:58 AM

omg!!! i love you 2 pm !! <3 :)))))))))))))))))))))))))) Hottest 4ever!!

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