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[TIME2SHINE] Fansite Spotlight: One Heart: Int'l Community of Russian speaking Hottest


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Posted 15 July 2013 - 07:44 AM

Hottests are on a global scale and the internet makes the world a smaller place. So to get to know more about Hottests around the world, we're introducing TIME2SHINE: #1Hottestfor2PM Fansite Spotlight!  #1Hottestfor2PM is our international fan union for local fansites around the globe!

Read a new interview about different 2PM fan sites/clubs. Share your thoughts on learning about different cultures and connecting to other 2PM fans!  

The second edition of TIME2SHINE is on RUSSIA!



#1Hottestfor2PM Fansite Spotlight:  One Heart: International Community of Russian Speaking Hottest

Can you introduce who ONE HEART is  for the HOTTEST from around the world?

Hi guys! ^^ We know many of you are really surprised about our existence. There are many Russian-Speaking Hottest from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Israel, etc. Nice to meet you. We hope we can communicate with other international Hottest more often!

Who started the Russian Hottest Fanclub and why?

The original founder of the Russian-Speaking Fanclub is unknown to most of the current staff. Right now, we have 3 staff members in charge of the Russian-Speaking Hottest Community. We continue to be active in the fanclub because we simply love 2PM!

Besides the three administrators, are there other staff groups within the Russian Hottest Fanclub?

We have a fansubbing group and a group of girls who are in charge of dance flashmobs. Our fansubbing group consists of 17 people [mostly from Russia and Ukraine] with common interests and team spirit. They sub shows, interviews, and songs and they try to monitor the demand of projects and oversee the work of other fansubbing groups. We are a young, ambitious, and responsible group of people. We are trying to attract a lot of people to share our love for 2PM through the creative freedom of expression. We are celebrating the fansubbing group’s 2nd anniversary on August 21, 2013. We are going to keep a positive attitude about the future and continue to grow and develop professionally.

What does ONE HEART mean?

"One" means we are one; united by our love for 2PM. "Heart" comes from one of 2PM’s most famous songs, Heartbeat, and it means our hearts beat for 2PM.

How long has this fanclub been established?

Our fanclub was established on May 1, 2009. Our 4th anniversary was not long ago. We exist while 2PM exists. FOREVER ♥

How many members are in this fanclub?

There are 20,490 members at this moment. New fans are joining us every day. There is a surprising number of Russian-Speaking Fans that the 2PM members would probably be shocked by.

How do Russian Hottest communicate with each other? Is there a website or a forum?

Since Russia is such a big country, many of us cannot meet up and hang out together. But we can communicate with each other through the internet. We used to have a forum, but it was closed two years ago. Now we use a Russian social network similar to Facebook. It’s called Vkontakte. Almost every Russian Hottest has an account there. It’s a place where fans can interact with one another: they comment on pictures and videos, discuss the latest news about 2PM, and find new Hottest friends.

Is there a big K-Pop fanbase in Russia? Is K-Pop really popular there?

K-Pop is very popular in Russia and is becoming more popular every day!  Actually, almost every K-Pop artist has their own fanclub here. The biggest K-Pop fanclub here is around 40,000 members! We really like K-Pop because of the unique culture and because it is fun and interesting. Korean artists are good at conveying the right emotions for the song, so the language barrier isn’t a problem. SHINee, SISTAR, and Psy have already visited our country. EXO is coming to Russia in July and B.A.P is visiting in September. So we hope that 2PM will visit Russia and other countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. one day! Russian-Speaking Hottest are waiting for them.

Where do you get all your 2PM news and information from?

We get information about 2PM from their biggest fanclubs like 2ONEDAY, 2PMALWAYS, and WILD2DAY. We use translations from Hottest on Twitter. The pictures we post on Vkontakte are from 2PM fansites and Weibo. We use all the sources we can find. We want to thank you and everyone else for all the information!

There are a lot of K-Pop flashmobs in Russia. Who organizes these flashmobs and how are they like?

When K-pop first started to become popular in Russia, there weren't a lot of fans. The first flashmob took place in 2011 and there were only four Hottest members who performed.

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The next flashmob took place in 2012. This event was really important because the Korean Minister of Culture and KBS representatives were present there! The Hottest fanclub grew bigger, however, not a lot of members could participate in the flashmob.

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Majority of the flashmobs in Russia are organized by Aigoo Russia Tea. People form groups based on their fandom. They wear special uniforms and perform group by group. The fanclubs usually dance the K-Pop group’s most popular song at the moment.

Some Russian Hottest participated in the “Touch Korea Tour” contest.

At the Festival of Korean Culture in Moscow, there was another flashmob! Many Hottest love 2PM as well as the other JYP artists: 2AM, Miss A, Wonder Girls, JJ Project, 15&, Baek Ah Yeon, Joo, etc. We support 2PM and their labelmates. So we did a JYP flashmob to show our love and support

How do most Russian-Speaking Hottest discover 2PM?

K-Pop is becoming very popular in Russia. When people are learning about all the different idol groups, [a lot of people] can’t just pass by 2PM. Almost every K-Pop fan knows about 2PM. All the girls fangirl over the 2PM boys, even some non K-Pop fans do too! Ages vary from high school to mid 30s. Many Hottest also discovered 2PM after they watched Dream High with WooYoung and TaecYeon. Korean dramas are really popular in Russian-speaking countries!

2PM has yet to perform in Russia. What kinds of projects and activities are you doing to help Russia become recognized?

We saw that different fans send rice wreaths to support their favorite group. We have been waiting for 2PM’s comeback for two years, so we couldn’t just pass the opportunity to participate in the Rice Wreath Project when we found out about their comeback in May. Girls from the flashmob team organized the whole project by themselves. We collected money from the many Russian-Speaking Hottest who responded. [With everyone’s help, we sent our first rice wreath.] We sent a 200kg Rice Wreath for 2PM’s Seoul Concert.

Posted Image

We are not going to stop at this one project. 2PM are not just artists and idols, they are our role models. They are an example of kindness and beneficence to us. We are thinking about doing other charity projects as well. Slowly, we want to help others and become better people like 2PM.

One of the staff members had a chance to give NichKhun presents and letters in person on behalf of Russian Hottest. So we hope he knows about us and maybe someday they will come to Russia.

If you were tour guides for 2PM when they visit Russia, what is one place that you would take them to?

We would take them to Red Square in Moscow. Red Square lies in the heart of Moscow and the size of Red Square is overpowering! If you stand in the center of it, you can feel the history of everything that has happened there. There’s the Kremlin walls, the churches, and the GUM (department store) surrounding you. The buildings are amazing because every side has its own unique look. We think TaecYeon would especially like it since he really likes history.

What 2PM songs are popular among Russian fans?

The most popular songs are Heartbeat, Hands Up, 10 Points Out of 10 Points, Again & Again, Don’t Stop Can’t Stop, Game Over, and A.D.T.O.Y. [Maybe we should just write all of their songs, haha.] We love their Japanese songs too! Especially Hanarete Itemo, I’m Your Man, Forever, Give Me Love, and Beautiful.

Can you teach us how to say “I LOVE 2PM” in your primary language?
“I LOVE 2PM” in Russian is Я ЛЮБЛЮ 2PM. It’s pronounced: “YA LYUBLYU 2PM”.

What is a significant event that the fanclub has experienced and will treasure forever?

Our 1st project is the most significant event that we have experienced so far. It was the Rice Wreath for 2PM’s Seoul Concert. [Many people were surprised to see the wreath from Russian-Speaking fans.] It’s surely not going to be our last project. We’re excited that the world and 2PM will hear about Russian-Speaking Hottest in the future! Fighting to us!

What do you hope for ONE HEART in the future?

We hope the fanclub will exist forever, that the fanbase will continue to grow, and that all the Russian K-Pop Fans can love 2PM as much as all Hottest do. We want to thank every single member of our fanclub for all of their help. Thank you for your support, appreciation, and love for 2PM!

A message to the 2PM Fan Club Union #1HOTTESTfor2PM?

Let's communicate with each other more often! Every international fanclub is amazing, let's do it forever with 2PM
With love from One Heart: International Community of Russian-Speaking Hottest. ♥

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Posted 15 July 2013 - 05:15 PM

Thank you so much for sharing this. I got teary eyes, really proud of 2PM and Hottest all over the world

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 11:12 PM

Wow! This is amazing. Honestly I'm shocked to know that there's a large number of Hottests in Russia. Thank you very much for creating this union among One Day fanclubs. This is a great way to show them how unified their fandoms are and how sincere we are to show our love and support for them. Great job my dears!! :)

Changmin Seulong Jun.K Nichkhun Taecyeon Wooyoung Kwon Junho Chansung Jinwoon
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Posted 25 March 2014 - 01:22 AM

WOW! There are no words to show how amazing Russian Hottests are!! Simply Amazing!!! :biggrin:
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