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[RECRUIT] Be a part of 2OD's 2AM Team!

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Posted 22 August 2013 - 10:43 AM

Hello 2OD members!

To better serve the I AM fandom, 2OD is re-building our 2AM media, uploaders, and T2S teams and we'd love for you to be a part of it! ^^  If you're a dedicated I AM looking to help spread the 2AM love around the world, willing to work hard, and help share accurate and comprehensive updates, check out the list of open positions below!

  • TIMERS - We need timers who are willing to work/focus on 2AM clips whether it’s a short interview, long variety appearance, radio appearance or a documentary. For more information, check out the TIME2SUB Application Thread.
  • TRANSLATORS - We need translators that will translate 2AM magazine interviews, latest news articles, fan accounts, and SNS updates. Translators will also work with the TIME2SUB team to translate 2AM related videos (long or short clips, viewable radio appearances, variety show appearances and documentaries). For more information about 2OD’s Translator team and details on how to apply,  check out the 2OD Translator Application Thread.
  • EDITORS - We need editors that have a good grasp of the English grammar and who are willing to edit and review 2AM translated materials (whether it’s a subbed video or a translated article). For more information on being an editor, go to 2OD’s TIME2SUB Application Thread.
  • TYPESETTERS - We need a few dedicated typesetters to ensure that all 2AM projects look awesome! For more information, check out the TIME2SUB Application Thread.
  • ENCODERS - We need a few dedicated encoders to be responsible for encoding 2AM projects in standard and HD quality.  For more information, check out the TIME2SUB Application Thread.
  • Info Updaters - The team needs dedicated individuals who can repost and tweet out translated news articles, 2AM schedules, reports about the chart sales, TV ratings (When a member is doing a drama or sitcom) and other important information and /or updates about 2AM on time. Check out the Media Team Application Thread for more information.
  • Photo updater - We need individuals who can re-upload and tweet out 2AM fantaken photos and fancams, official stills, teaser images and BTS, official photos from CFs, sponsors and endorsements, official photos from radio and or television appearances and news pics from various news sites. Check out the Media Team Application Thread for more information.
  • Video & Audio Uploaders - We need dedicated uploaders who can download raw files of shows or performances and re-upload them to the forum, provide download links of their dramas or sitcoms with soft english subs, rip video and audio files, upload music show performances, and re-uploading subbed T2S videos on a weekly basis. Check out the Uploader Team application for more information on being an uploader.
Don’t have enough experience but you still want to help out? No worries! We will train and help you out in any way that we can if you don’t have a lot of experience. ^^

Please remember that joining  2OD’s 2AM Team means that you will be committed in posting in the 2ONEDAY forum and may work on a number of projects. We can release 2AM updates on time if we work together and help each other out. :3

If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the thread, message Sash or mention @sashssi on Twitter, and she would gladly answer of your questions ^^

NOTE: Joining any of the teams listed above is 100% voluntary, out of love for 2AM and 2PM. 2OD does not make any money from the updates, videos and translations that we release and team mates will not be compensated.

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